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BMW Motorrad and Orlando Bloom present the BMW S 1000 R Custom

Michael “Woolie” Woolaway from Deus Ex Machina turns Orlando Bloom’s vision of a custom bike into reality.

201505-P90184317-zoom-orig Everyone knows Orlando Bloom as a successful actor, but  not everyone knows about his passion for motorbikes. As a  long-standing fan of BMW motorcycles, Orlando Bloom  owns and rides a number of BMW models, including old  classics.

For his own custom bike project he specifically chose the  BMW S 1000 R.

He asked his good friend, Michael “Woolie” Woolaway,  head of the Deus Ex Machina custom shop in Venice, CA,  USA, to work with him to bring his custom S 1000 R vision  into reality.

The result of the cooperation, is a stunning one-off 4  cylinder bike.

The S 1000 R Custom and Orlando Bloom had their first test ride in  the Malibu Hills while shooting “4CYL”, a production by Arthur de Kersauson and Clement Beauvais in cooperation with BMW Motorrad.

4CYL – BMW x ORLANDO BLOOM x DEUS EX MACHINA from Arthur & Clement on Vimeo.


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